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Church Within A Church Movement

Church Within A Church Movement screen shotChurch Within A Church Movement is a progressive Methodist movement dedicated to BEing the fully inclusive church.

When the site needed to be moved to a new server, we took the opportunity to upgrade from an old version of Joomla to the current version of Drupal, bring the code up to web standards, give the site a face lift and make it easier to read.

The redesign included creating new style sheets for a consistent look across all the pages in the site while maintaining major design elements such as the header, footer, and top menu. Several new features were added including a new slideshow on the home page, a new "News" page, a new contact page, and inclusion of the RSS feed from the related Ministries Development Blog. The event registration and donation forms are created and maintained by the executive director and hosted separately for now. The response to the new site has been very positive.

Services Provided:
Design; Development; Web hosting setup; Drupal installation and configuration; Content migration; User's Guide and education for web team; Drupal maintenance; Ongoing support and site updates
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