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The Development of Christological Doctrine

Christology Chart screen shotDr. Kenneth D. Snyder, Assistant Professor of Church History at the University of St. Thomas and The St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity, St. Paul, MN, wanted to graphically illustrate the development of Christology in the early Church (up through the Council of Chalcedon in 451) and the inter-relationship of various Christological positions. We began with his original diagram and created an interactive project.

The goals included:

  • Design the chart for classroom use to accompany a typical lecture/discussion on Christology.
  • Allow for the gradual building of the chart with stops along the way to explain the various Christological positions as they are added to the discussion and to the chart.
  • Illustrate and emphasize the relationships, influences, and controversies between the various positions.
  • Make the chart elegant, visual, engaging, and informative.
  • Provide student access to the chart for review purposes, either in preparation for an exam, or simply as a refresher should they need it.

The basic chart is finished and additional resources are in development.

Services Provided:
Instructional Design, Visual Design, Development, Ongoing updating
XHTML, CSS, Flash, FlashPaper, CoolEdit
Live: The Development of Christological Doctrine